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High School Softball Players!

Whether you are interested in Division I, Division II, or Division III schools we can help! This site is focused solely on assisting high school softball players on their journey of playing softball at the college level. Our team of seasoned experts have put together the most comprehensive college information available to assist you in making informed deciions.

Softball Recruiting

Many players and their families don’t know how to start the recruiting process. They don’t know at what age they should start. They don’t know how to go about selecting schools with softball programs. That’s where Varsity Fastpitch comes in. This FREE website will help you in your quest for a scholarship or to just find that perfect school you can play softball at while getting the education and qualifications of your dreams.

How Do I Pick an NCAA


Criteria for Selecting an NCAA Division

One topic that players and their families want more information about is details about the differences between the NCAA divisions. Playing for a Division 1 school is very different than playing for a Division 3 school.

Don’t Forget About

Division III !!!

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Our Mission: To help high school softball players find their way through the complex and confusing maze of identifying careers, finding colleges that are a good match, and navigating through the recuiting process.

Six Year Recruiting Plan

Recruiting Plan for 7th - 12th Grade

The recuiting process should start in seventh grade! Can you start the process earlier? Sure, but you probably won’t gain much. Can you start it later? Yes, but the timeline can only be compressed so far.
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