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Find A College

Varsity Fastpitch has teamed up with Softball Bound to bring you the premiere softball college selection app. This amazing time saver lists and details EVERY softball program in the country for both NCAA and NAIA. Now, this app is available for both Apple and Android Devices!  It will be the best $3.99 you’ve ever spent. There are 996 NCAA and 196 NAIA schools detailed!
VarsityFastpitch: An athlete’s guide to playing college softball
Our Mission: To help high school softball players find their way through the complex and confusing maze of identifying careers, finding colleges that are a good match, and navigating through the recuiting process.
Description Softball Bound is the recognized leader in providing up to date information for college softball recruits and their family. How does a potential college recruit know what school is right for them? Our easy to use app lets you locate any college softball program, coach, or school quickly and easily. Get important information such as school size, average GPA and test scores, cost to attend, financial aid and much more. All the information needed to contact coaches directly is here too! With Softball Bound you’ll get more than a list of schools or coaches. You will have access to all the information you need to make an informed decision on which schools fit you athletically, academically, and financially. Next step, you’re Softball Bound! Key Features * Easy to use interface to sort and views schools by state, division, conference, or name. * Includes all NCAA and NAIA colleges with softball teams. That’s over 1200 schools! * Coach contact information for every school. Phone, email, and website. * Know the important details; Size of school, graduation rates, percentage of freshman returning,    average salary after graduation, and more. * Can you get in? Know the average GPA and test scores (SAT, ACT) for each school. * Financial aid information to help understand the true cost of attendance. * Information constantly updated. No need to pay for a new release! * Automatic notifications of important NCAA and NAIA dates. Never miss a deadline. * Create a favorites list to manage your personal recruiting process. * Direct links in the app to school and softball team websites. Softball Bound is THE app that every student athlete and parent of a student athlete should have if college softball is in their future.