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8th Grade Softball Recruiting Plan


Use the Internet to research careers and which careers

are expected to show growth for the timeframe you will

be looking for your first job. In eighth grade this is

approximately 9 to 10 years.

Use the Internet to develop a list of colleges and

universities that have programs compatible with your

chosen career. The list should be very broad and include

schools from more than one NCAA division. Your list

should include approximately 50 schools. You can find

lists of schools with softball programs on the NCAA

softball website.


February 1st: Be able to discuss career options with

your parents

August 1st: Be able to review school options that are

compatible with your chosen career with your parents.

The review should include: program of intended study,

school location, cost per year, ratio of students to

teachers, information about their softball program,

campus layout, etc.

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