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12th Grade Softball Recruiting Plan


If you are still uncommitted by the start of fall ball, locate

showcase events for unsigned players. Also consider

hiring a recruiting company for help.

Register to take SAT/ACT tests

If you are uncommitted, continue to research college

clinics and camps

Continue to monitor and review career options. Are there

any changes in career outlooks for 5 to 6 years from


Narrow your list of schools to focus on to 5. You can now

take official visits. These visits are paid for by the school

(Division I and II only).

If you are still uncommitted by the summer, things are

not looking great for college softball. There is one last

hope – inquire about walk on players. Contact the

coaches at the top 15 schools on your list and ask about

the possibility of being a walk on player. Another

possibility is to look at junior colleges.

If you are committed, continue sending out update letters

to your coach every quarter or more frequently if they



September 1st: If still uncommitted, locate and enroll in

unsigned player showcases.

October 1st: Register to take SAT/ACT tests.

October 1st: Complete your career update review.

October 1st: Contact coaches and schedule official


November 1st: If you are currently uncommitted, sign

up for 4 or more college clinics for the fall/winter season.

The clinics should be held at schools you are interested

in but have previously not attended.

If committed, send update letters to your coach at least

every quarter.

Division II and Division III schools typically make offers in

the spring.

Early signings (known as National Letter of Intent (NLI)

Signing Day) for Division I and Division II are held in

November and late signings are held in April.

August 1st is the last possible signing date for most


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