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11th Grade Softball Recruiting Plan


Prepare yourself to speak with college coaches. They

can now email you and speak on the phone if you call

them. They cannot initiate or return calls, but if you reach

them they can speak with you. Use the Internet to

research questions to ask a college coach. Speak with

players who have gone through the process already.

Revise your skills video. You have matured physically as

well as improved as a player. Make sure you have an

updated video for coaches to see.

Register to take the SAT. The SAT test changes to a new

format January, 2016. Register to take SAT Subject

Tests as soon as you complete a class. Remember to

designate that test scores get sent to the NCAA eligibility

center by entering a 9999 in the score recipient field

when taking tests.

Research college clinics and camps

Continue to send out update letters to college coaches.

They can now send you recruiting material.

Continue to monitor and review career options. Are there

any changes in career outlooks for 6 to 7 years from


Consider your previous decisions. Do they still hold?

Which criteria are still important?

Narrow your list of schools down to 10 or so. Use your

revised career outlook and revised criteria decision

making to narrow your list.

Send out update letters to your narrowed down list of


Take unofficial visits to as many of the schools on your

narrowed down list as possible in late winter/early spring.

Prepare yourself to accept calls from college coaches

who can now speak with you after July 1st.


September 1st: Prepare yourself to speak with college


October 1st: Revise your skills video and post online.

October 1st: Register to take the SAT.

October 1st: Send out update letters to college


November 1st: Sign up for 3 or more college clinics for

the fall/winter season. The clinics should be held at

schools you are interested in.

November 1st: Complete your previous decision review

(criteria that you used in prior years to make decisions


December 1st: Further narrow your list of schools.

Send out update letters to college coaches every month

once your list is further narrowed. Include academic and

athletic changes.

Take unofficial visits before school ends.

July 1st: Prepare to answer college coach phone calls.

Division I coaches can call you once a week starting July

1st, and twice a week starting August 1st.

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